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We made a promo video for one of our friends, Rhea Perry, to show at her Entrepreneurs Conference.  It explains in some detail what 52 Godly Men/Women is and includes testimonials from teens who have been through the project.  Click the video link below to watch it.  Be sure to leave a comment if you like the video.


6 responses to “Promo Video

  1. Naomi

    Dad and I just finished watching this. Good job! Surely the Lord gave you the idea…and the strength and stamina to follow through. I hope it inspires other parents to do the same.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’d like to see churches take the idea and start doing something like this for their children and youth on a regular basis.

  2. Karen Brunet

    Fabulous review of the 52 Godly Men/Women idea. I loved hearing their favorite insights and experiences with the people they met with. Memories to last a lifetime.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to meet with Anna. We had a lot of fun and she was a delight to hang-out with at my office.

    Karen Brunet
    The Irresistible Marketing Coach

  3. Miheret

    Craig, you are doing amazing things a model for many. Count me that I am planning to do some kind of similar things in the future :).

    Bless you!


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