Blooper Reel One

We hope you’ve been enjoying the videos Anna has been making. We’ve enjoyed producing them. As anyone who’s ever shot a film knows, it’s not all cut and dried. Stand in front of a camera, try to talk and see what kind of funny things happen. Here are some of the bloopers from the first few weeks. Enjoy! And leave a comment to let us know what your favorite bloopers are.

9 responses to “Blooper Reel One

  1. Shanna Weekes

    Among my favorites: “68 children…”, “…she enjoyed being God…”, “…for seven years, she repented…”
    And, thanks to you, I now know for sure that God started Lee University! 🙂
    This made my day!

  2. Beth Gearhart

    I laughed all the way through. Especially funny was the counselor who got home before her kids so she could beat them!

    I liked that you laughed at yourself and didn’t get frustrated. (Or did you leave those out?) Your Dad must be one of the most fun and patient Dad’s there are!


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