Week 52: Bringing Out the Best in Children

This week, the last official week of 52 Godly Women, Anna met with Monica Ellison. Monica Ellison is an accomplished ballet performer who has taught ballet in the greater Chattanooga area for a number of years. She has been one of Anna’s ballet instructors for most of her ballet training. Monica talked with Anna about the opportunity we have in life to encourage children and help to better their lives. Watch the video below to hear more about what Anna learned.

3 responses to “Week 52: Bringing Out the Best in Children

  1. Naomi

    Well, Anna, I imagine you are glad, in one sense, to have this
    journey completed.
    You have done an excellent job reporting.  You certainly have
    grown during this time.
    We will miss your interviews.

    Who knows what waits for you this year!

    Love you very much and glad to have you for our granddaughter!J

  2. Dad

    Anna, congratulations on finishing a long and detailed project. I’ve enjoyed your videos each week — even if I did have to edit most of them. You’ve grown a lot this past year.


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