My Journey


If you had not heard, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Brazil on a missions trip. I will share with you some of the things that I have done here with you.
This week has definately been a blast! I have met people, made friends, and (of course) tried new foods. Some of the foods I have tried are these:
#1 tapioca with tucama
#2 pamonha
#3 pao de queijo
#4 paponha
#5 farinha
#6 macaxeira
#7 churrasco
#8 acai
#9 jambo
Every food that Ive tried hasn’t been terrible, in fact, most of them have been quite good. However, I will warn you, the tapioca with tucama might slightly taste like old bread to new eaters…just a warning..

This week has also been a time for new experiences. Not only am I going to the small school here, I have also learned how to play volleyball, make tortillas, jump off of a two-decker boat into the Amazon river while it’s moving, climb cliffs of sand and sediment, swim in the Amazon river, and get pelted in the face while in a boat with rain.
Here are some pictures of my time here:
just to let you guys know, the ones where I look like Minnie mouse, the school was having wacky day so I decided to dress up as the beloved character 🙂











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