Week 14: Sharing the Gift of Music

This week I met with Germaine Davis, a woman who has taught students the piano for many years. (She is currently teaching 21 students each week!) Germaine has also played the piano for The Lakeshore Quartet for 17 years. You can click this link to visit their website and learn more about their music.

Please also watch the video below to learn more about how music has impacted Gerri Davis’ life and the lives of those around her.

Gerri also helped me with music for a song I wrote in preparation for meeting with her. You can listen to it here:


4 responses to “Week 14: Sharing the Gift of Music

  1. Germaine

    You are an amazing young lady, Anna. It renews my spirit to know that the next generation has one such as you coming along. I believe that a life filled with Jesus is one great adventure, and I would say that you are already in the middle of it. Thank you for blessing me!

  2. Naomi

    You know…I believe the first solo this young lady sang in church many many years ago was “Get On The Happy Side of Living.”


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