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You Can Change
a Child's Life
for Good.

Watch the Week 52 Video
to Find Out How One Woman
Brings Out the Best in Children.

I Wonder If I Can Be an Actress
and Still Live Out My Faith?

Watch the Week 51 Video
to Learn How One Actress
Speaks Out for Christ

"Lord, I Thought We
Were in Agreement on
What My Plans Were."

Watch the Week 50 Video
to Learn About "God's Plan B"

But God, They're SO
Different From Me!

Watch the Week 49 Video
to Learn How One Woman
Handles Cultural Barriers

Is This The Personal
Experience Story Line?

Watch the Week 48 Video
to Hear How One Woman
Shares Her Stories

Has God Forgotten Me???

Watch the Week 47 Video
to Learn the Answer

Can A Model
Be Modest?

Watch the Week 46
Video to Find Out

How Do I
Make This

Watch the Week 45 Video
to Learn How One Woman
Helps Others Multiply Income

Is This What People Mean
When They Talk About
Finding a Platform?

Watch the Week 44 Video
to Find out What Finding
Your Platform REALLY Means

Is This What It Means
to Surrender to God?

Watch the Week 43 Video
to Find Out More

What If I Want
My OWN Way?

Watch the Week 42 Video
to Learn How God Can
Tame a Rebel's Heart

They Won't Even Notice
All the Hard Work I've Done

Watch the Week 41 Video
to Learn Why Preparation
Really Matters

How Do I
Make the

Watch the Week 40 Video
to Learn Some Tips

God, If You Call Me
What If Other People
Don't Believe It?

Watch the Week 39 Video to Learn How
One Woman Held Onto God's Calling.

What Should I Wear
to My Next Job Interview?

Watch the Week 38 Video
for Some Good Tips to
Prepare for the INTERVIEW.

Please, God!
Bless MY plan
for my future.

Watch the Week 37
Video to Learn What
Happens When God
Has a Different Plan.

Thank You, Mother,
for Not Aborting Me,
for Carrying Me,
for Giving Me Life.

Watch the Week 36 Video
for a Powerful Message
About Human Life

How Do I
Get a Refill
on This?

Watch the Week 35 Video
to See How One Woman
Is Using What She Learned
to Train Needy Women

Hey! Get up!
I only hit you with
a 10 pound Bible,
not the 20 pounder!

Watch the Week 34 Video
to Learn Some Thoughts on
Effective Ways to Share Jesus

Don't Forget to Pack
the Teddy Bear!

Watch the Week 33 Video
to Hear How One Woman
Made a Home Overseas


Watch the Week 32 Video
to Learn How Important It Is
to Choose the Right Friends

You Want Me to Do WHAT???

Watch the Week 31 Video
to Learn How One Women
Received a Life Changing
Direction from God

To Buy or Not to Buy.
That is the Question.

"Whether 'Tis Nobler to Spend"
Watch the Week 30 Video to Find Out

What Happens
If I Really, Truly

Hunger After God?

Watch the Week 29 Video
to Hear One Godly Woman's Story.

I started to go down
that bad thought path again.

Watch the Week 28 Video
to learn how you can overcome
a negative thought life.

What Kind of Prayers
Does God Listen To?

Watch the Week 27 Video
to Find Out

What If I Don't
Like My Selfie?

Watch the Week 26 Video
to Learn About a Godly
View of Our Self Image

Lord, How Have You Blessed Me?
Let Me Count the Ways.

Watch the Week 24 Video
to Learn More

That Was SOOOOOOO Rude!

How do YOU handle offense?

Watch the Week 23 Video
for Some Good Tips.

You Mean God Expects Me
to Wait for Him to Act for
LONGER Than 5 Minutes???

Watch the Week 22 Video
to Learn How Long One Woman
Waited for God to Answer Prayer

I Wonder What Kind
of People Actually
WRITE Books?

Watch the Week 21 Video
to Find Out the Answer

Meditating on God

Am I Doing This Right?

Watch the Week 20 Video
to Hear How One Woman
Meditates on God

Dear Lord, I Want
to Be a Servant...

But This Schedule
is About to Kill Me!

Watch the Week 19 Video
to Learn How One Woman
Balances Service & Devotion

Dear Lord, I'm here.
Now what?

Watch the Week 18 Video
to Hear What I Learned
About Prayer.

I Wonder If There's a
TV Show That Will Teach
Me About Excellence . . .

Watch the Week 17 Video
to Learn About It from
Someone Who Lives It

This will do WHAT
to my body???

Watch the Week 16 Video
to hear what I learned about
taking care of my body.

What Happens
When a Woman
Preaches the

Watch the Week 15
Video to Find Out

Can One Music Lesson
Really Change Your Life?

Watch the Week 14
Video to Find Out

Is Working for the People
Harder than
Working for the man?

Watch the Week 13
Video to Find Out.

Will My Faith Stand the Test?

Watch the Week 12 Video to Learn
How One Woman Is Overcoming.


Anna Anderson Thinks They Do.
Watch the Week 11 Video to
Find Out Why.

So, Bobby, you say
you want to pilot a
nuclear submarine?
Let's talk about that.

Watch the Week 10 Video
to learn how a career path
may change over time.

One Picture Can
Start 1000 Stories

Meet the Woman Who
Really Painted This
and Hear Some of Her
Stories in the Video
for Week 09

Help Me, Mommy!
It's the Snow Queen

Watch Week 08's Video
to Find Out Why I'm
Really Screaming for Joy!

Strengthening Families

Watch the Week 07
Video to Learn the
10 Ways You Can
Strengthen Yours

True or False?

In Ancient Times, Singers Held
Their Hands Like This to Keep
Their Breath Mints Handy

Watch the Week 06 Video to
Learn How the True Song of Praise
Is Not Squelched by Persecution

What Will Retirement Be Like?

Watch the Week 05 Video
to Learn What One Godly Woman
Thinks About Retiring from God's Work.

Would YOU
Buy a House
From THIS Girl?

Watch Week 04's
Video to Find Out
Who the Mystery
Realtor is.

What Do I Want to Be
When I Grow Up?

A Teacher?

Watch the Week 03 Video for More Details

What is Success?

Watch the Week 02 Video
to Learn the Basics of
True Success from My New
Best Friend, Rhea Perry.

What Does Salsa Have
to Do with Godliness?

Watch the Week 01 Video
to Learn More.

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Another Child, Another Set of Mentors

This June marked the 13th birthday of my daughter Petra...

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