Week 48: Sharing Your Story

This week I met with Debbie Minay. Debbie is a missionary and church planter in Chile. One of the ways that Debbie tries to reach people is by simply having tea with them and sharing life stories. Watch the video below to hear some of Debbie’s story.

4 responses to “Week 48: Sharing Your Story

  1. Evie West

    Anna: I really miss you!! I would like to see you soon! Can you come over again!? I have a little
    Gift that I got you when I was in Honduras on my mission trip. Let me know

  2. Debbie Minay

    My Sweet Anna, I was honored and grateful to have been able to spend a few hours with you (one of the highlights of my last trip home). Our time together was special and encouraging. It was special because we shared life stories over tea and also because I got to see for myself what a godly young lady you growing up to be. You are an encouragement to us, for if the Lord tarries, we know that you are HIS choice servant whom He is preparing to carry forth His Gospel to your generation. So proud of you!!! God’s grace, wisdom and strength be with you always!


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