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Another Child, Another Set of Mentors

This June marked the 13th birthday of my daughter Petra. And, with her birthday came the year long task of finding godly women for her to meet with.

From my perspective, it’s amazing to think that seven years have passed so quickly since I began this program for my children.

Since these, we’ve been able to share the story with many other families whether in church settings or national conferences.

When I was thinking of Petra’s upcoming experience, I genuinely thought about changing it and having one woman per month meet with my daughter once per week for the month. My thoughts were that it would give a woman more dedicated time to make a lasting impact on her.

But, before doing that, I consulted the experts. David and Anna both have been through the program completely. I never have. I arrange it, but I don’t meet with the men and women. My children do.

Their feedback was instant and unanimous. Don’t change it! The experience of meeting so many different men or women is critical to the value and life impacting potential of the program.

So, Petra is meeting with a godly mentor each week, just like they did.

It’s hard work, but my child is worth it.

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