Week 46: Modeling Modesty

This week, I met with Mayra Gomez, a Christian model. Mayra is one of the founders and producers of Christian Fashion Week, an annual fashion show based in Tampa, FL which highlights clothing and styles which promote modesty. During our time together, Mayra and I talked about modesty. You can learn more by watching the video below.

4 responses to “Week 46: Modeling Modesty

  1. Germaine

    I agree on some of the points you covered about modesty, Anna, but as women we have to be careful. I would not feel right, as a Christian, showing off my mid-section, culture or no culture involved. Like as not, the women in India who bare their mid-sections are not Christians. If they are, then I will be the first to beg forgiveness. On the other hand, I don’t want to dress like a Muslim woman, completely covered. These are two extremes, different cultures, different religions. I know without a doubt that the Muslim woman is not a Christian and she is completely covered. Modesty to me means being covered so as not to provoke immoral thoughts in those people that are around us each day. The Bible warns us against lust of the flesh and lust of the eye. It is possible to provoke lust without us even realizing it. There is a line drawn that we need to be conscious of, not to incite wrong feelings and sin in others. It isn’t just about us, but our Christian witness and how we represent Christ.

    1. admin Post author

      Dad here. Hey Germaine. Good points all around. Just from an info standpoint, it isn’t uncommon to find Christian women in India who wear a sari, even one which bares the midriff. Of course, in some parts of India the sari is being dropped in favor of Western style clothing, but that’s another topic altogether. We certainly agree with the point that godly women shouldn’t try to incite lust in others. Unfortunately, what is a major source of attraction in some cultures (ankles or necks or navels) isn’t seen as an issue at all in our own culture. So we would end up being offensive in two of the three (ankles and necks) to some people while Indian women wearing a sari might be offensive in only one of the three (navel). I think that’s why a key point of Mayra’s advice to Anna is to be Spirit led in your clothing. He knows what is best for us in any culture — even if we are clueless ourselves. Praise God for that!

  2. Sarah

    Brave topic to bring up, Anna! There are a LOT of voices out there yelling about modesty, from both ends of the spectrum. I liked your/Mayra’s take on it. I guess the most important thing is to look after your own modesty and let others worry about theirs, without looking down on them, judging or condemning when it doesn’t match your idea of the word. Keep up the good work! 🙂


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