Week 07: Strengthening the Family

This week I met with Emily Stone who shared with me practical advice on being open and flexible as I continue to grow. She also gave me her “10 Tips on How to Strengthen Your Family.”

5 responses to “Week 07: Strengthening the Family

  1. Emily Stone

    Oh, Anna! I have no idea how you got all of that from our time together, but I was so blessed by being with you. You are doing a great thing here. It is challenging me and it was an honor to be a part. You are a special young lady. What an incredible experience this is for you. Blessings on you and your family!
    P.S. We will have to go get coffee again sometime later in life. 😉 Making that memory was so fun for me!

  2. Beth Gearhart

    Another great interview with lots of wisdom. How can you contain it all Anna? You will be a great woman of God like your Aunt Charissa!

    Thank you for all you are doing.

  3. Germaine

    Your videos are wonderful! My family, of which you are a part, was so supportive of me as I was growing and coming into my own. The most important part of my growing was the emphasis on Jesus Christ. It’s part of the family heritage, and I’m glad to see are carrying it forward into the next generation. Gramp and Grandmother would be so happy!


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