Week 09: The Woman of a Thousand Stories

This week I met with Rita Carrion.  Rita is an amazing artist who is overflowing with God’s joy and presence.  She’s also filled with a LOT of stories of God’s work in her life.  For this week’s video, I’ve decided to share just a few of them with you.

You can also visit Rita’s online store where she sells some of her artwork by visiting this link.


5 responses to “Week 09: The Woman of a Thousand Stories

  1. Shanna Weekes

    I really enjoy being a part of your journey! 🙂 It’s wonderful to see how God is directing your life, and all of the ways you are allowing Him to direct your paths. Thanks for being such an example of a young lady who has the heart of God! Keep it up!
    ~Shanna Weekes

  2. Beth Gearhart

    This one absolutely cracked me up. Anna – your presentation was an absolute hoot!
    Rita’s story is incredible – but your acting it out made it even better!

    Thanks to Rita for a remarkable story and to you Anna for doing such a great job of sharing it.


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