Week 15: Preaching the Gospel

This week I met with Cathy Payne, the Director of World Missions for the Church of God of Prophecy. Cathy has served in a wide variety of ministry settings throughout the years, from pastoring, to evangelizing, to being a conference organizer and speaker. You can hear some of the miracles God has done in her life by watching the video below.

4 responses to “Week 15: Preaching the Gospel

  1. Lisa Skinner

    Cathy Payne is definitely an example of a Godly Woman. You did a great job of re-telling her story. I heard it many years ago in VA Youth Camp and it still inspires me today about the power of God and the importance of placing your life in His hands.

  2. Cathy Payne

    So enjoyed being reminded of our day together. What a joy you are. You captured well the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Thank you.

  3. Linda

    Thank you for telling Cathy Payne’s story. She is an amazing woman of God who has inspired women … and men … over the world through her ministry. Her life is one of love and commitment to a great big God.


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