Week 23: How to Handle Offense

This week I met with Dorinda Beeley, a wife, mother of two, a member of LightSys Technology Services and a stateside missionary.  Dorinda had some great things to say about how to listen to God’s voice and how to handle potentially offensive people and situations.  Oh, and she taught me how to change a tire.  You can watch both videos below.


5 responses to “Week 23: How to Handle Offense

  1. Ed Eby

    Awesome Awesome! Young lady you rock! I am so proud of you and how you are really seeking good role models. I have met Dorinda and she is someone that you can emulate in her walk with God. Keep on the narrow path and keep seeking the Lord with everything you have.


  2. Christina Aslinger

    Hey Anna thanks for the Frozen hairstyle. My friend liked it! I’ll bet your hands were cold when you changed that tire!


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