Week 24: Count Your Blessings

This week I met with Sheila McElhaney. Sheila volunteers with The Caring Place and knows a lot about helping people in practical ways. One of the things she taught me was about making an intentional effort to count my blessings. Watch the video below to learn more.

One Response to “Week 24: Count Your Blessings

  1. Naomi

    That is a great idea! Kinda like in the Old Testament when God told the leaders to put up stones….reminders of certain things God had done for them.
    Granddad told his S. S. class years ago to “drive a stake in the ground”…as a reminder.
    He meant it figuratively…but one of the men actually did it…up behind his house where he prayed!
    It certainly would get our focus on His blessings instead of moaning about our “problems.’
    Good job, Anna


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