Week 28: How Do I Control My Thought Life?

This week I met with Gail Lemmert. Gail is the Minister of Spiritual Formation at Westmore Church of God. She is a licensed counselor who has served people for years using her gifts to help them overcome life battles through the power of Jesus Christ. Among other things, Gail taught me about the importance of controlling my thought life. Watch the video for more details.

One Response to “Week 28: How Do I Control My Thought Life?

  1. Germaine

    Everything you said is true, Anna. Gail Lemmert is so right. It takes prayer and staying in God’s Word. Didn’t even the Apostle Paul say that he struggled with doing good, that when he desired to do good, evil would rear it’s ugly head. It’s that way for us all. But thankfully God is forgiving and “keeps us from falling.” I love him more each day.


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