Week 05: The Gift of Helps

This week I met with Judi Ragon. Judi taught for almost 40 years in the public school system. During my time with her, I learned about the gift of helps and what it really means when a godly woman retires.

3 responses to “Week 05: The Gift of Helps

  1. Jennifer Browning

    Great job Anna 🙂 Keep up the good work! You are so talented and your videos are fun to watch! I look forward to seeing them. Have a great weekend!

  2. Beth Gearhart

    I received your website a few weeks back and was SO impressed with this idea that I forwarded it to every mother and grandmother on my e-mail list. I would loved to have done this with my own daughter – or granddaughter! What remarkable parents you must have! I hope your own mother is one of those you will be interviewing!

    The work entailed in your interviews, the writing the scripts, the presentation – what a JOB you have, but how worth it for you to be influenced by such remarkable women. I am following your interviews – and I can’t begin to fathom what God will be doing in the future with such a remarkable young woman; you are already displaying unbelievable gifts, speaking with such clarity and conviction are among them. God bless you on your fantastic journey and thank you to those you interview and those behind the scenes, for all the hard work put into these videos.


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