Week 06: A Song of Praise

This week I met with Vera Voznyuk. Vera moved to the US in 1999 and has become involved in using her singing talents to lead others in worship.

5 responses to “Week 06: A Song of Praise

  1. Sarah M

    Vera is a lovely girl and one of those who went out of their way to make me feel welcome in America. Must be that Ukrainian hospitality! Another great vid, Anna – nice job! Loved the “going out for coffee” part – dramatic as ever! 😉

  2. Miheret T.

    Hi Anna,

    great to see your videos, I am learning a lot and I am sharing your videos with my two sisters and other friends. One of my dear friends likes the idea of 52GW and she might try it for her children in the future…

    I can imagine you will be different after meeting all 52GWs. Anna, use the opportunity and keep learning more. Shower of blessing to you.

    Miheret from Ethiopia

  3. JessnfamilyfromBrazil

    Superb, Anna! This one is our favorites so far! I even showed it to some friends and they loved it and thought it was really creative! Keep up the great work! Favorite moments: “Let’s go out for coffee or something. (*voice*)”; “like, ever.” 😀

  4. Emily Stone


    I enjoyed getting to know Vera more! What an amazing lady and family. Your take on American hospitality was really, really funny. Guilty as charged! 😉 Europeans (well…most cultures really) do this so much better! We could learn a lot.

  5. Beth Gearhart

    What a wonderful testimony about Vera! I LOVE drop in company – if Vera (or your family) ever get to Colorado – I’d love to have you drop in or even spend the night.

    I love these! Thank you for all your hard work of sharing.


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