Week 21: The Write Stuff

This week I met with Nancy Rue, author of over 100 books for children, tweens, teens and adults.  Nancy is an amazing woman, and we had a blast.  You can learn more about Nancy and our day together by watching the video below.

If you are interested in reading some of her books, check out the link below to get started:

6 responses to “Week 21: The Write Stuff

  1. Nancy Rue

    Anna, your video blog post was AWESOME! Not only did you capture the essence of our wonderful day together, but you showed your sparkling, loving . . . godly self beautifully. We MUST do that again — agreed? Blessings,

  2. Floss Craig

    You’ve done a great job on your video. You’re articulate and captivating, and I especially appreciate your interview with Nancy Rue. She has had a great impact on my life also and I’m sure your life has been enriched by knowing her. I wish you success as you bring to your followers an awareness of God’s work in your life and others.

  3. Naomi

    Wow! How neat that you got to meet the author of books you have enjoyed over the years. It is great that you mom and dad make all this possible. You are a great communicator. Love you.
    BTW, I could spend a day browsing in a book store.

  4. Pam

    Well done, Anna! Love your video! Keep up your good work! I am blessed to know Nancy, and she really is a godly, amazing woman. So glad you had the opportunity to spend a wonderful day with her.


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