Week 10: Good Decisions Begin Early

This week I met with Lorri Wickam, a Guidance Counselor at a local school. Lorri teaches children to learn to make good decisions while shining the light of God’s love to those she helps.

4 responses to “Week 10: Good Decisions Begin Early

  1. Lorri Wickam

    I really enjoyed spending time with you, Anna! Thank you for this wonderful posting, and I wish you many blessings as you meet with other women. What an awesome opportunity this is!

  2. Kim Fisher

    I enjoyed this segment on Lorri Wickam so very much. You did an excellent job of telling her story. The format and your delivery brought Lorri’s work to life and accurately portrayed a truly Godly woman. How blessed the children are to have her as an advocate!!! Thanks for shining a light, Anna.


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