Week 26: What Do People See When They Look at Me?

This week I met with Gayle Cobb, a stay at home Mom who has influenced my life over the past several years many ways. Gayle taught me about understanding the right way of looking at myself or my image. Watch this week’s video for more and to hear the powerful poem God gave her about self image.

3 responses to “Week 26: What Do People See When They Look at Me?

  1. Cathy Payne

    Hey Anna,

    So enjoyed your blog about Gayle – great job in communicating important truths and foundational strength. You are using your gifting of being a God-anointed communicator to become quite a reporter. You are loved and continually covered in prayer.

    Keep enjoying this unique gift of 52 Godly Women! Blessings.
    Cathy Payne

  2. Naomi

    Excellent job, Anna. Food for thought. Wish all teens were able to get this message…
    as well as some of us older ones!


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