Week 27: What Kind of Prayers Does God Answer?

This week I met with Karen Holley, a Professor at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Karen shared with me her story of how her own search for God’s answer to her prayers was amazingly similar to Karen’s mother’s own prayers. Watch the video below to hear her story.

3 responses to “Week 27: What Kind of Prayers Does God Answer?

  1. Gail Lemmert

    You did an outstanding job of presenting this Godly woman story! There was excitement and convincing tone and actions to say, “I believe this woman’s story and I believe God hears and answers prayer”.
    I needed also to hear this testimony today because you may have heard my beautiful, precious daughter, Renee Henderson has been diagnosed with colon cancer. In the shock and sudden surgery in the past week and a half, it was difficult to feel God in our circumstances, but He has revealed Himself in so many amazing ways through His Word, and through the body of Christ. We are believing God for exceedingly, abundantly more than we can even think or ask, and we are asking BIG things like HOPE, HEALING, and many more years of time with Renee.
    Thank you for sharing this testimory of God’s answers to the IMPOSSIBLE…But God……
    Love you, sweet, beautiful girl and please you and your family join us in prayer for Renee.
    Ms. Gail

  2. Germaine

    Enjoyed this testimony on the power of prayer. So many of us as Christians forget that we have access to this most powerful force, a precious gift given us by the Heavenly Father. Suppose Karen Holley had never been born. God had great plans for her, even before her birth, and I am sure He is using her for His glory.

    Thank you, Anna, for bringing this to us. You are an amazing instrument of God yourself.

    Will be praying for Gail Lemmert’s daughter, Renee.

  3. Naomi

    “Now unto Him who is able to exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could think or ask..according to the power that works in us..”
    Praise God! Great testimony…and a very good presentation.
    Just a note to any of your readers…God is performing miracles at the revival in Chattanooga….Redemption Point Church on Bailey Ave.

    Good job, Anna.


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